We're Getting Married!

This is not a "wedding blog" but it will help me (hopefully) to get to my goals. Goal 1: lose 35 pounds before October 11. Goal 2: get my shoulder to 100%. I'm following "The Plan" - I'll log "stuff" here.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Starting the "big walk"

I weighed my pack before I left: 16 pounds.  If I'm honest about the highest weight I "kissed," my pack only weighs 2 pounds less than the weight I've lost since Christmas.  Hauling that pack up on my shoulders was actually pretty inspiring.  I want to lose that much more, plus 10 before my wedding.

I brought about 100 ounces of water with me.  I need to fill my "hand water" every hour to stay on the hydration track.
This is the view from where I sit now.  I'm eating my pear (heavy in water) and will take off when I'm done.

Second big stop. Eating the rest of my pear, filling water, and overlooking what should be a lake.
I'm not sure how much more climb I have, but there's a lot less shade for a while.

Lunch!  I have chocolate cheddar cheese, carrots and tomatoes, tangerines and trail mix.  I'm 5.6 miles in and it's been uphill all the way.  From here on out, it's down.  I'm tired as I'm walking up hill, but after a rest, I'm good again.  That quick recoup is a real improvement.  Oh, and I'm not a bit guilty about bringing skittles...They may have saved my life between stops  ;-)

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