We're Getting Married!

This is not a "wedding blog" but it will help me (hopefully) to get to my goals. Goal 1: lose 35 pounds before October 11. Goal 2: get my shoulder to 100%. I'm following "The Plan" - I'll log "stuff" here.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

countdown...265 days

Phil and I are getting married in 265 days!

Our goal is to lose 30 pounds each by that time.  Today, I started the 3 day detox in "The Plan."  I blew it a little bit, with a Hershey Air bar (but no peanut butter, caramel...)  We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I've got a couple other eating blogs but I'm moving things to a gmail name...

Here's my cheat for the day.

the plan says I need to eat flax seed granola with Rice Dream ad blueberries.  I don't care for the granola, so I made a smoothie out of the same ingredients.

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