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This is not a "wedding blog" but it will help me (hopefully) to get to my goals. Goal 1: lose 35 pounds before October 11. Goal 2: get my shoulder to 100%. I'm following "The Plan" - I'll log "stuff" here.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Down a pound...amazing, since I spent the last hours eating!  But mostly foods from the "low reactive" lusts.

Yesterday I was SOOOO hungry, as in stomach growling, not just appetite.  I may need more fat, or more protein.  It's 10:30 now, I've had my smoothie (chia seeds, Rice Dream, blueberries, matcha powder) and my lemon water and my dandelion tea.  And coffee...

We'll see how it goes.  I'm doing "day two" again...hopefully right this time.

Nope, not "right" but only ate foods on the low reactive list that I've eaten before.

 "test foods" (and cheats)

peanuts (in a Snickers bar)
beef (both in a McDonald's hamburger)

and I'm down 1.6 pounds from yesterday.

BUT...insomnia and coughing...both gluten things.

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